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While outpatient rehabilitation can be helpful for those with less severe substance abuse issues, Tennessee natives struggling with serious substance abuse issues should seek the inpatient rehab centers Memphis has to offer.

What Happens During Inpatient Rehab Programs Memphis

Inpatient substance abuse programs generally last for thirty to ninety days, before patients continue onto outpatient rehabilitation or are officially discharged. As previously mentioned, the inpatient rehab programs Memphis has to offer are extremely beneficial for patients suffering from severe substance abuse issues, this is largely due to the intensive treatment and therapeutic programs that are provided for patients. However, for many struggling addicts the amount of time needed to take off of work or school to effectively handle inpatient substance abuse programs is more than they can imagine committing to, for recovering addicts doubting their ability to commit, they generally try to remind them that during their recovery, sobriety should be their main concern, as it affects their health and overall success in the future.

The inpatient rehab centers Memphis has to offer, give patients a number of benefits. When first starting inpatient substance abuse treatment, patients generally begin their intake with a one-on-one psychological evaluation. This meeting is intended to answer basic questions like: What drug were you abusing? How long had the abuse been going on? And what do you want to get from treatment? While this will not be the only psychological evaluation that occurs during treatment, this brief interview gives the treatment center an initial guideline from which they will begin to build your treatment plan.

Detoxing During Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

Once your intake process is complete, depending on the substance abused and how long the abuse went on, you may have to go through the detox process. Detoxing is what most patients fear the most. This is largely due to pop-culture's representation of the process, and first-hand accounts from recovering addicts that did not go through a medically supervised detox. Detoxing during the inpatient rehab programs Memphis has to offer are generally comfortable and safe. While there is bound to be some discomfort as your body begins to cleanse itself from drug and alcohol, the most dangerous and discomforting symptoms can be eased through the use of medication, making the process easier and safer than most imagine.

The Day-to-Day During Inpatient Rehab Programs Memphis

Addiction attacks the body on two main fronts: physically and mentally. Once the detoxing process is finished, the physical battle is almost over. You may find that you are under a healthy weight, or over a healthy weight and need to begin exercising and eating in a more nutritious manner, but aside from the regular maintenance of the human body, the physical battle is over. However, the mental and emotional battle is just beginning.

At this point in the inpatient substance abuse treatment process, you will begin attending in-house classes, group therapy meetings, one-on-one psychological evaluations, and other forms of mental preparation for a life free of drugs. The vast majority of these activities will be focused on relapse prevention. To do this, to reduce your chances of relapsing once released, the inpatient rehab programs Memphis has to offer generally strive to teach their patients practical coping skills to use when faced with emotional and physical triggers. A trigger can be anything, from a person, to a song you used to listen to while high.

Aside from creating new healthier coping skills, treatment focuses on educating patients through a number of different activities including:

  • Relapse Prevention Classes
  • Group and Individual Therapy
  • Outdoor Activities and Therapies
  • Speaker Meetings
  • Trips to 12 Step Program Meetings
  • Arts, Crafts, and Creative Outlets
  • Family Therapy Sessions

Once your inpatient substance abuse treatment reaches an end, the vast majority of the inpatient rehab centers Memphis has will recommend some form of outpatient treatment. This is because the use of sober living groups, outpatient facilities, or even twelve step meetings has been shown to greatly increase patient's chances of remaining abstinent from drugs and alcohol. This is to say that, while inpatient substance abuse treatment is extremely helpful for patients, it is only the beginning as far as the recovery process is concerned.

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