Drug/Alcohol Rehab Recovery Programs in Memphis

Dozens of different types of rehab recovery programs and therapy are available. Many of these treatment programs are tailored around the specific drug of abuse as well as the person abusing the drug. When the unique personality of the individual with the addiction is taken into account, the best rehab recovery programs for them can be selected. Simply put, it increases their chance of long-term success.

Below is an in-depth discussion of rehab recovery programs and therapy. A number of the most common treatments are looked at as well as a handful that are less common yet still highly effective. These are the key facts that you need to know about rehab recovery programs and addiction treatments.

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What Are Recovery Programs?

The successful treatment of a drug or alcohol addiction requires a multifaceted approach. From detox to inpatient treatment to post-treatment therapy, every aspect must be finely tuned to the individual in question.

That's why the best drug addiction rehab programs not only wean the addict off their drug of choice. They also provide therapy to help them understand why they turned to these substances in the first place. Healthier coping methods are taught to prevent relapses in the future.

Recovery options also incorporate family and other loved ones into the mix. Much of the time, drug and alcohol abuse damages the addict's relationships with others. Including family therapy as a part of treatment can help repair these important bonds. This is also often necessary to increase the chances of long-term sobriey, as strong family support is all but essential.

Common Types of Addiction Treatment Therapy

There is a wide variety of different types of addiction treatment therapies to choose from. This variety allows the individual in question to select the best one for their needs.

Behavioral treatment (also known as cognitive treatment) is one of the most popular. In fact, most rehab recovery programs encourage all of their patients to join one of these. The therapy provided in behavioral treatment is aimed to change the attitudes and behaviors associated with the drug or alcohol abuse. The goal here is to build better life skills that will help the addict prevent relapse in the future.

Motivational interviewing is another common recovery option. It focuses on the addict's inherent desire for positive change throughout their life. Empathy is prized in these sessions, with the therapist working to overcome resistance in the patient.

Some of these programs also incorporate motivational incentives such as positive reinforcement. Whether verbal or privilege based, these motivational incentives help drive home the positive relationship between the patient's abstinence and their new sense of well-being.

Other Types of Treatment for Addiction

When it comes to recovery programs, the options are almost endless. In addition to the most common types of addiction treatment therapy discussed above, there are numerous alternatives. While these might not be used by quite as many people, they are all still highly effective depending on the particular person receiving the treatment.

For instance, SMART Recovery is an addiction rehab option that uses a mix of motivational, cognitive, and behavioral techniques. The core tenants that are taught include self-management and healthy problem solving.

Along these same lines are alternative treatments such as art therapy and music therapy. Both of these bypass the verbal expression that many people have difficulty with. Instead, patients are left to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through art and music. These types of therapy are particularly useful for people that experienced trauma in childhood before linguistic skills were fully developed.

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