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When it comes to substance addiction, medical detox is the safest and more effective way to overcome the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many treatment centers offer hope for users with their state-of-the-art medical detox facilities and certified addiction specialists and medical staff. Each patient is unique as the programs can provide a customized approach when helping each patient overcome their substance abuse problems. For more information for you or a loved one battling this disease and needing detox, please contact Memphis rehab centers at (901) 620-0983.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is an inpatient treatment designed to help wean people safely and carefully from drugs or alcohol. Treatment at a qualified rehab center is the best way for someone to overcome a substance addiction and remain sober during the long recovery process. While medical detox can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, further treatment is required to support the patient as they overcome the psychological and behavioral forms of addiction.

It's important for sufferers to remember that this process only breaks their physical addiction to a substance of abuse. Without additional therapy, the risk for relapse is quite high, especially for substances such as alcohol, heroin, meth, and many types of prescription drugs. During medical detox, specialists will ensure each patient is detaching themselves from their substance of abuse until their system is clean. Medical staff will also ensure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible during the detox process by treating withdrawal symptoms, which can be intense.

Detoxing at Home: Is It Safe?

Engaging in this process at home is decidedly NOT safe. You should not attempt to detox at home or anywhere without proper medical supervision. Quitting a substance of abuse cold turkey can lead to extremely uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, some of which could lead to serious health complications like spiking blood pressure, seizures, or suicidal thoughts. Medical detox, on the other hand, involves 24/7 supervision by medical staff who can help ward off any serious health complications or treat them immediately should they arise.

Drug treatment center staff can also treat withdrawal symptoms with medications that lessen their severity and reduce the risk of complications substantially. Remember, the risk of complications when undergoing detox at a drug treatment center is small, especially when compared to the health risks of remaining addicted to the substance.

What to Expect during Detox

Entering a drug treatment center may be initially scary for some. Remember that you are taking the first essential step toward recovery. Staff will make you feel as comfortable as possible as you begin the process. After specialists assess your health and the nature of your addiction, they will design a treatment plan that is customized for you. They can provide treatments to lessen the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and slowly wean you from the substance you are addicted to.

The specific type of treatment you receive is dependent on the amount of time you have abused a substance as well as what that substance is. Some drugs like meth may cause withdrawal symptoms like nausea, shaking and fatigue. Heroin withdrawal also involves nausea and shaking while alcohol withdrawal is associated with intense cravings and even hallucinations. Staff can target these symptoms with medical therapies designed to reduce their severity. For instance, meth addiction may be treated with suboxone, a drug that can substantially reduce cravings.

When you check into a medical detox center, you can obtain the treatment you need to break your pattern of addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. Call Drug Treatment Centers Memphis at (901) 620-0983 to find out more about how they can help you.

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