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Programs for intervention and addiction treatment in Memphis are available to anyone with a drug user in their family. Addiction intervention happens when friends, family or loved ones of a substance abuser intervene to help the addict find help. An addiction intervention can save lives and should not be done after the addict has "hit rock bottom," but instead should be conducted as soon as the problem is known. Getting the person help now can save them from an overdose or worse later. Most successful addiction intervention attempts involve an expert or professional who specializes in substance abuse therapy.

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About Intervention

The goal of the intervention is to confront the user with their addiction and get the person to admit that they need help and begin the rehabilitation process. Statistics show that professionally-led addiction intervention have higher rates of success than do those conducted solely by family and friends. Different approaches can be taken to the intervention, depending on the type of addiction and expected reaction from the addict.

Ultimately, having a clear strategy as well as contingency plans make for a successful addiction intervention. Gathering all of those involved and bringing in the addict in such a way that participation is required so that they are confronted.

Types of Interventions

Direct confrontations are usually aimed towards those who systematically deny a problem and who will require blatant truth. These are the rarer of the addiction intervention types. Indirect confrontation methods are usually more subtle and allow the person to be brought in, without confrontation, and shown how their habit is affecting friends and family personally in an emotional, empathetic way, and a Memphis intervention specialist will supervise. Finally, when nothing else will work, a forcible intervention is used to legally compel the person with an addiction to enter rehabilitation. Most forcible intervention happens with minors whose parents or guardians have taken them to rehab or through the court system, which can require rehabilitation and therapy as part of a criminal proceeding.

Professional addiction intervention seeks to get the person the help they need without the potential backfire in which the addict becomes more alienated. The goal is to get the addict to admit the problem and seek help voluntarily.

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